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Woodheat project for Community College and SpArC campus


BCCE, Bishop’s Castle Community College and Teme Leisure (who run the adjacent SpArC leisure centre) are working together on a proposal where BCCE would raise the money for woodfuelled boilers to augment, or preferably replace, older oil-fired boilers on the campus and then lease them to the college/leisure centre. We are including in our Feasibility Study (F.St), a heat main system to supply all the major buildings on the site as well as possibly heating the nearby church. Solar thermal panels on the roof of the swimming pool may be included in the scheme.
Sparc, pool

The proposal, if it proves to be viable, would, we calculate, save the campus up to £20K per year, and rising, in oil heating costs. As the owner of the whole installation, BCCE would claim revenue from the government’s Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme for each unit of heat supplied. Based on current RHI tariffs, we estimate this could be as much as £0.7m over the 20 years of the project.

wood fuelled boiler interior 2

All net profits from the scheme will be re-invested within the local community to support domestic fuel savings initiatives (we are off the gas-grid in an area of high levels of Fuel Poverty), install further community-owned renewable projects and support sustainable businesses and job training opportunities.

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